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If you are a friend of a friend who was there or a friend of a fighters who fought in this past Saturday June 25th RFO “Big Guns 19 Return to the Summit” in Tallmadge, Oh, no doubt you have already seen enough comments, photos and videos on facebook to know that if you weren’t there, you missed a great show.  If you have been keeping up with MMA events in this part of the Midwestern United States you know that whenever a MMA event is held anywhere in Northeast Ohio featuring Pro and Amateur fighters from Team StrongStyle MMA, GriffonRawl MMA, Evolve MMA, Ronin MMA, and several other local MMA camps, there is always going to be a huge crowd, great fights, and more.

This is what RFO promoter Matt Trukovich and matchmaker Scott Corbin had in mind when they decided to return to the Summit Fairgrounds in Tallmadge, Oh and hold RFO Big Guns 19.  They knew that matching up fighters from Ohio’s top MMA camps would not only mean that there would be huge crowds and some of the best cage fighting that MMA fans have seen in the Midwest Region in a long time.  This time it also meant that fans would have a chance to see, meet and take pictures with the current UFC Heavyweight Champion of the World; Stipe Miocic, the number 1 UFC Woman Bantamweight Contender; Jessica Eye, UFC Welterweight Veteran; Jason Dent, and 7th ranked US Midwest Pro Heavyweight and Bellator veteran; John Hawk.  Fans also got a chance to see many of the other local, state and regional up-and coming and top ranked fighters from around the region.

There was already lots of exciting cage action leading all the way up to the last fight of the night.  And you could not have asked for a more exciting fight for the main event.  It was the quickest fight of the night, but it was also the one that dazzled the huge crowd like a shot that was made one second before time expired that won the big game.

RFO: Big Guns 19 Return to the Summit Results & Analysis


14th Bout: 145 lbs (MAIN EVENT) – Josh Longood (4-0) representing Ronin Training Center Mansfield, Oh   – DEFEATS –   Dru Schottenheimer (1-1) representing Victory/Instigator Canton, Oh. ***There was lots of trash talking going on Facebook between Longood and Schottenheimer prior to meeting up with each other in the cage for the second time.  The first time they faced off against each other was a little over 1½ years ago when they were still amateur fighters.  Longood won that first meeting.  This time Longood was stepping into the cage with a professional fighting record of 3 wins and 0 losses.  It was his first time back in the cage in almost a year.  Schottenheimer was stepping in with a professional record of 1 win and 0 losses.  He fought and won his pro debut 3 months ago (3/19/16) via Split Decision.  But before turning pro he had an amateur record of 8 wins, 8 losses, and 1 draw.  He was looking to even the score between himself and Longood and get his second pro win.  But even before either of them had a chance to work-up a sweat the fight came to a crushing end.  After exchanging a few punches and kicks, Longood fired off a roundhouse instep kick from the back leg that connected perfectly to the side of Schottenheimer’s head  dropping him instantly.  Longood wasted no time jumping on and pinning Schottenheimer down where he could drop a few more bombs to make sure that he was finished.  Method of Defeat: TKO at 0.19 of the 1st round.

13th Bout: 170 lbs – AJ Dobson (1-0) representing Carlson Gracie MMA Columbus, Oh   – DEFEATS –   JT Miller (1-1) representing Team StrongStyle, Independence, Oh.  ***24 year old AJ Dobson had not been in the cage since December 2014.  He began his MMA career in May of 2012 and had racked up a total of 7 wins in a row before suffering his first loss the last time he fought which was December of 2014.  He planned on turning pro right after his last amateur match but because of the way he lost, he decided to take some time off to improve himself in that particular area.  His opponent for this fight, JT Miller was stepping into the cage with a professional record of 1 win and 0 losses.  Prior to turning pro in June of 2014 Miller had an amateur record of 6 wins and 0 losses.  Only 2 of his amateur matches had ever gone past the second round.  His four 1st round wins consisted of; 1 via KO, 2 via TKO, and 1 via Arm Triangle Choke.  His two 2nd round wins consisted of; 1 via RNC, and 1 via TKO.  Out of a total of 8 amateur fights Dobson had stopped 4 of his opponents in the 1st rounds,  he won 3 of his amateur matches via Unanimous Decision and lost the last one in the 2nd round via RNC.  The huge crowd didn’t get a chance to see if Dobson was ready to do battle on the ground or not.  He was already known as a powerful striker and he proved it once again when he connected with a powerful left hook to the side of Miller’s head that stopped him dead in his tracks and sent him to the canvas for the first time.  Method of Defeat: TKO at 1.00 of the 1st round.

12th Bout: 145 lbs – Kenny Locsei (1-0) representing Team StrongStyle MMA Independence, Oh   – DEFEATS –   Marc McDonald (1-1) representing Team G-Force MMA Cincinnati, Oh.  ***You would be hard pressed to find a group of fans anywhere in the country who made more noise for their hometown favorite than those Northeast Ohio fans made when 24 year old Kenny Locsei stepped into the cage for his pro MMA debut against Marc McDonald.  Locsei fought his last amateur fight six months ago. He was leaving behind an amateur record of 5 wins and 0 losses.  He is known for his excellent striking ability and his superb ground fighting.  McDonald was making his second professional appearance in the cage.  He made his pro debut 9 months ago and won via Unanimous Decision.  He is known for inflicting heavy damages on his opponents while on the ground and while on his feet.  But Loscei was ready for any and everything that McDonald was ready to dish out.  He out boxed McDonald and out matched him on the ground.  Locsei racked up enough points in each round to win his second pro match and remain undefeated.  Method of Defeat: Unanimous Decision.

11th Bout: 155 lbs – Jeffrey Pelton (3-0) representing Team StrongStyle MMA Independence, Oh.   – DEFEATS –   Cameron VanCamp (5-3) representing Team Hyten MMA Lebanon, In.  ***Pelton fought and won his pro debut back in April of 2015, came back fought and won his second pro fight this past February 2016.  Before turning pro he fought 7 times and lost only once.  He was looking to extend his perfect pro record to 3 – 0.  But first he needed to figure out how to get past a very tough 23 year old Cameron  VanCamp .  VanCamp was stepping into the cage with a professional MMA record of 5 wins, 2 losses, and 1 draw.  He fought 3 times within the past 12 months and won all 3 times.  He was looking to extend his current win streak to 4 in a row.  It was definitely one of the toughest matches of the night.  Both fighters came out at the beginning of each round tagging each other with a combination of jabs, left and right hook punches and leg kicks. They also tagged each other a few times with knee strikes to the body before ending up on the ground.  But it may have been the fact that Pelton came out at the beginning of the third round attacking much more aggressively with a combination of leg kicks, punches, clinching and following up with knee strikes to the body and even scoring another takedown that clinched it for him.  VanCamp was able to escape, get back to his feet and exchanged a few more hard leg kicks and punches, but it was too late. Time expired and Pelton was already too far ahead in points.  Method of Defeat: Unanimous Decision.

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