The only MMA event that will be held anywhere in Northeast Ohio’s this weekend (Saturday September 26th), will be EFP “Cage Madness 38 Pro Series,” which will be held at the Tadmor Shrine Center in Akron, Ohio. Right now the fight card consists of a total of 16 matches; 3 Pro matches and 13 Amateur matches.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that you won’t be seeing some very exciting MMA competition.  In fact this is exactly the type of MMA fight card that has made Explosive Fight Productions one of the longest running MMA Fight productions in Northeast Ohio.

If there is one thing that you can definitely count on about EFP “Cage Madness 38 Pro Series,” it would be that the fighters picked and matched up for this event was no accident.  Promoter Dannon Svab and match maker Scott Corbin knew exactly what they were doing.  Many of the fighters for this event will be representing several of the top MMA training centers throughout Ohio.   Watching these fighters will be like watching a group of college athletes who will be looking to score big wins in order to help build a name for themselves as they battle for a chance to join other top ranked MMA fighters in the region.

EFP Cage Madness 38 will be featuring Pro and Amateur fighters, some who have never lost a match, some who will be looking to improve their win streaks, some who will be looking to make a comeback from a recent lost, some who will be stepping into the cage for the first time, and some who will be making their professional MMA debut.

Pro Matches

22 year Devonte Smith (pro debut) hometown favorite from Bedford, Ohio (representing Evolve MMA and Brickhouse Boxing) will be making his pro debut after putting together an impressive amateur fighting record of 7 wins, 2 losses, and 1 draw since his amateur debut, which includes 4 big wins in a row since March 2014.  He will be taking on 28 year old John Mosley (pro 1-1) out of Baltimore, Maryland (representing Team Raww Dogg Boxing & MMA).  Mosley won his pro debut 3 months ago, but lost his second pro fight last month.  He will be looking to make a big comeback by upsetting one this event’s hometown favorites – but can he do it?

When 27 year old Josh Rohler (pro debut) and 22 year old Marc McDonald (pro debut) steps into the cage to take each other on, you can be sure that the ear popping noise level will be an indication that their match is definitely one that the huge crowd came to see.  Josh Rohler exploded onto the scene in February of 2014 winning his MMA debut in an explosive fashion.  He fought 6 times between February and November 2014 and lost only once (his second to last fight). But there are lots of fans who believe that he will definitely have his hands full when he faces off against McDonald who also exploded onto the scene a year earlier (February 2013).  Mark fought 8 times in 2013 and lost only once then fought 5 times in 2014, won 3, lost 2.  Will the fact that McDonald will be stepping into the cage with twice as many wins as Rohler help him win his pro debut? Don’t miss this one!

For the main event of evening, EFP “Cage Madness 38” will be featuring Dustin Kempf (6-8) out of Leetonia, Ohio (representing Team Impact) and Michael Shields (2-6) out of Spencer, Indiana.  These fighters may not be sporting top rank pro fighting records, but do not be misled by that.  Both of these fighters have already been in the cage enough times and have fought enough top ranked regional fighters to be fully capable of giving the crowd a chance to see the kind of MMA fight that they’ll talking about for a long time.


Amateur Matches

Nick Brashear (4-0) will be putting his perfect record on the line against Eddy Faison (5-5) who is looking to redeem himself after losing a spit decision this past May.  Nikolai Gionti (3-0) will be putting his perfect record on the line when steps into the cage to try to stop Dante Pennachio who will be coming in with a record of 5 wins and 2 losses. Logan Urban (2-0) will be looking to continue his win streak by attempting to stop Robert Johnston (1-1). AJ Wilkins (1-0) will be trying to put another W in the win column when he takes on Jeffrey Offak (1-1) who won his first match a few months ago. Dustin Bates and J’Mar Moore will both be stepping into the cage for the second time in their amateur careers looking to protect their perfect records.   Myles Robinson (2-0) will be looking to keep his win streak going by trying to hand Chris Roe (1-0) his first lost.  18 year old Austin Meese (0-0) will be stepping into the cage for the first time looking to start his MMA career off with a big win over Darell Afford (0-2) who will be looking to finally score his first win.  Dornes KO Butler (2-1) won his last two fights in a row and will be looking to make this his 3rd win in a row when he takes on Josh Barbee who will be looking to get back into win column.  Joe Wheeler (1-1) won his last fight this past April and will be looking to stop Tim Hayes (0-0) who says he does not intend to lose his first fight.  Ahmad Douglas (3-2) who lost his last two matches against two of the toughest opponents in region will be looking to get back on track when takes on Cody Hier (3-1) who plans to keep his win streak going.  Kayla Potts (0-0) and Leigh-Ann Baskey (0-0) have been training for months and are ready to join the ranks of women MMA fighters. Daniel Kimble (1-2) has fought 3 times since his MMA debut this past April. He lost the first two, but won the last one just over a month ago. He will be looking to make this his second win in a row when he steps into the cage to take on Josh Faison (2-7) who is looking to get himself back on track.  James Neff (1-2) lost his first fight, won the second, lost the third this past April.  He will be looking to win this one when he takes on Chris Harvey (0-1).